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The Darkest Day

Sunday, November 18th, 2007

Literally. It would be over the top to speak figuratively of such a thing. For today is nothing but a normal Sunday. But it is dark. It is almost noon now and the light outside is still 6 am light. The sky is a dense unmeasurable pewter. Everything is dripping and glazed. The rain is like needles, almost always invisible, but audible, the world alive with drips and drops and sprinkling.

If you are desperate for the bathroom, I apologise for my imagery. A day not to go outside. A day where if you don’t have to work you are happy for that. You need music for this day. Music with bright horns? Or sad lonely wailing women’s voices? No big bass beats. Early jazz seems right.

We have had a beautiful autumn so far, dry, bright, clear skies, incredible stars. Now maybe we pay for our joy. The forecast is for rain most of the week. Death by water? I can swim.

Lovely World

Wednesday, November 7th, 2007

The British student murdered in Italy, supposedly by her American roommate and her American roommate’s boyfriend and an African man… well you can see the roommate here on Youtube:

Click me.

The video is nothing. But what is amazing about it is the comments left by viewers.

“You’re famous, now.”

“For all the wrong reasons, it would seem.”

I think if there’s anything that will carry us through whatever grim future is in store, it’s cynicism. God bless it.

The Scans Scanned Properly

Thursday, November 1st, 2007

So here are the scans in proper form, with a link to the big images:

Baby scan numero uno.
I thought this one was the least good of the three — his head looks skull-like.

Baby scan numero dos.
This one is great. Clem’s hands are behind his head and he is kicking with such enthusiasm. He was doing this all through the scan.

Baby scan numero tres.
Then he gave the thumbs up, which seems just perfect. Give her a kick for me, little guy!!

This is good because Becky wants to feel Clem moving, and she has started to feel him now, a bubbly feeling that she’s sure is him. I can’t wait to be able to feel him kick, too.