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More of the Little One

Monday, March 31st, 2008

More photogs…

Becky and Clem faint like two Southern belles on a warm Wednesday afternoon.

Here I am cuddling the little guy close — I was chastised by the visiting midwife only a few moments after Becky took this photo, for having him wrapped up too much!

Becky and Clem chill out in their new nursing chair.

Wait a minute… he’s trying to tell me something… lying on breasts… pointing to his mouth… he’s a genius!!

More Photos

Tuesday, March 25th, 2008

So far it has been a little difficult getting good photos of Clem’s face so that people can say who he looks like.

He either lies like this with his head to one side…

So that all I can get of him are profile shots!

Or he hides his face with his hands!

Or he flees the camera for his mother’s arms.

So this is the best one I could get tonight. I imagine I’ll have more opportunities for better photos when Becky and Clem come home tomorrow.

But you have to admit, these are pretty cute!

Welcome, Clem!

Monday, March 24th, 2008

Warm from the dark room baths, the first photos of our little baby Clement William! He was born in York hospital on March 23, 2008 at 9.13 pm. So here he is…

Clem sleeps oh so peacefully in his hospital cot
Clem sleeps oh so peacefully in his hospital cot. Becky couldn’t move very well after everything, so I got to put this suit on him.

The long shot
Here’s a photo showing his whole length. I think he was 21 inches long, but I was too distracted by all the hospital goings on to remember. Anyway he weighed 8 pounds 4.6 ounces.

Mother and child
Becky cradles Clem. He has olive skin like Becky. He has very nice skin — smooth and free from blemishes — unlike my white and pink spotted exterior. I think he has her nose. He has dangling earlobes like me. I think his eyes are blue — but I’m very nervous about saying so due to this claim that all babies are born with blue eyes and then some lose them. And last but not least — and I’m not sure here because I’d have to check other babies for comparison — he appears to have long nicely shaped toes like I have!

What a day
And what a day he chose to be born… Easter Sunday during a late winter storm. In fact it is snowing as I write!

The delicacy and resilience of life
A symphony in white.

So cute
And just one more of the little guy before I go to visit him and Becky in the hospital…

Thanks to everyone for their good wishes along the way and for all the warm congratulations I received after I told you about the birth!


Thursday, March 20th, 2008

The trouble with having a baby is the wait. It takes a hell of a long time to get the baby ready to come out. Which is a good thing, as you need time to prepare your home and your mind for the new arrival. Imagine if your child shot out four weeks after conception… terrifying. But the end-wait, the final moments, oh, it’s tough. I’ve been basically unable to focus my energy on anything that wasn’t right in front of me and that took more than two hours to complete for about two-and-a-half weeks now. I know that my state of cat-like readiness isn’t going to make Clem come any sooner. Nor is it really going to make me a more effective birth partner when he does decide to make the leap into the breathing world. But I can’t help it. I have been pretty much totally unable to do any work for two weeks, I am so worked up. But I’ve taken care of a lot of little things that I have been putting off for months. All in all, a mixed bag of anticipation, joy and nerves. Help me Lord!

The Price

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

Yesterday I filled up my van for the first time.

It had just over a quarter of a tank when I picked it up from the dealer and I drove it about 70 miles before it got down towards empty. Estimating another 10 miles before I had actually used a quarter of the tank, I reckon a full tank will take me somewhere around 360 miles.

But that’s just a guess. I reset the trip odometer after I filled up the tank so I can see how far I can actually go on a known quantity of fuel. For some reason the fuel efficiency of the van is not listed with the other specifications for the engine. I know it won’t be great, but I don’t have to do a lot of driving, and most of the drives I do need to do are short distances around town.

If I’m right about the 360 miles then, knowing I have a 75 litre (19.812 gallon) tank, my fuel consumption is about 18 miles to the gallon during city driving. That’s not too bad, considering the van has a 2.5 litre common rail diesel engine designed for hauling around a 1180 kilogram (2600 pound) load.

Now you may find yourself asking, “Who cares? Why is he so obsessed with this shit and why does he think I want to know about it?” Well, besides trying to distract myself from the tension I feel because Becky could go into labour at any moment now, there is another very good reason to be concerned with these figures…

I filled up my van today, or was it yesterday? For the first time. The cost?


That’s $130! That’s more than a barrel of oil! I might be economically forced to buy another car… a little fuel efficient one that I can use for everything but trips where I need to haul heavy goods.

What a world.