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Hello, President

Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Obviously, the election. The last post about George Bush beginning and ending with a bang generated some serious debate and discussion about the election and politics in general. I think even then we all had our answer, we knew Obama was going to win, but now it’s (roughly) official. Come on, Virginia, count those frigging ballots!

At the start of the campaign process I was leaning towards McCain. I wasn’t going to vote for him, but I hoped he would win. I was against Hillary because I don’t like political dynasties — we might as well have a monarchy if every president’s wife and son have a shot at the post. And I was against Obama because there was something about him I didn’t like. I still feel a certain unease. He’s a little too slick, maybe. I also disapprove of his taxation policies, and I was very concerned with his aim to pull us out of Iraq. McCain was supposed to be a rebel outsider Republican who stood for less government, lower taxes, and fighting the radical right wing and the toxic type of Christians who are devouring the soul of American society.

Alas, it wasn’t to be. As the campaign progressed, John McCain failed to fulfill his rebel role and knuckled under to the far right by naming Sarah Palin as his VP candidate. In the debates, he was atrocious. He looked like a simpering idiot next to the calm, assured, articulate Barack Obama. That Joe the Plumber gag really pissed me off. What a gaffe. Obama nailed it at a rally when he said, “How many plumbers do you know who earn $250,000?” McCain stopped looking like the different Republican and started looking like more of the same. Unfortunately for him, I think that made the election a lot less tight than it would have been otherwise. If he had really run his own campaign, run it in his own style, maybe he would have had a chance. But I wonder if a man his age can have the energy to do that.

By the end of the election I was not going to vote for Obama but hoped he would win. Although, by the very end, if I had ever received my absentee ballot, I would have considered voting for Obama. Because the Republican party’s voters are a shameful bunch. Country First? They should have made holographic campaign buttons that alternately read ME FIRST when twisted to the light.

People voted for McCain because they feared Obama. He was a scary Muslim; he was a nigga from the hood and was going to give all the government’s money to crackheads; he was a Commie (Sooooooocialiiiiiist!); he was going to raise taxes; he would allow terrorists to kill us all. I don’t think anyone voted for McCain because he was the right man to lead the country. As usual in America, fear was the driving force. If there was a non-selfish reason for voting McCain, I haven’t heard it. It may sound moralizing of me, but life lived without ethics is as pointless and savage as life lived without wine, music, friendship.

This time our fear did not win. The better candidate will preside. The candidate who actually stood for Country First — not just the rich sector of the country — but the whole country, including the poor, the weak, the stupid and the strange. Including even McCain voters. Obama’s victory speech was excellent. Measured and sober. I wish him luck and wish him a long, assassin-free life.